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Hot Mess Mom – This is For You

I’m the Hot Mess Mom…and I’m kind of ok with it.

hot mess mom

I leave the oven on about 3 times a week.  I start pulling out of the driveway while the kids are still buckling up because we are, I guarantee you…late. 

We often show up to school on non-school days. I lose the keys, kid you not before I even get out of the car. I have to ask the other mom at the beach to borrow sunscreen because I didn’t think through my beach bag packing in enough detail. 

Things are never in the place that it should be in my house, and if by some miracle they happen to be, I’ve definitely spent the last 30 minutes looking in NOT that place.  

So do you get it?  I’m the Hot Mess Mom.

But can I tell you what I have done right lately? 

A lot actually. I paid the bills on time. I remembered that it was my kid’s day to bring snacks to the soccer game, and we even put cute little “Go Pink Unicorn” print outs on the baggies…she was so proud because she picked out the unicorn.  I remembered to call the medical bill company for that refund we were supposed to get. I took both of my girls out on individual dates last month. I continue to feed my baby every 3 to 4 hours.  I showed up to that meeting with a client even though it was a hard night last night. I make 3 meals a day for the tiny humans. And maybe we forgot about gymnastics class that one day, but we’ve made it to the other 100-and-something classes.

There is so much in the brain…SO MUCH.  And when I do things like forget my wallet when I specifically went out to grab a pizza for the family on a Friday night, it’s easy for me to get so annoyed with myself and ask myself,

“why am I like this?!?!”

And maybe you aren’t the “Hot Mess Mom.”  Maybe you are the “Pinterest Mom” that makes the adorable birthday cakes or the perfect decorations for the room door decorating competition at school.  Or maybe you are the “Super Organized Mom” that doesn’t forget the dates EVER because it’s all written down on the color-coded family calendar. But I bet you, even if you are that mom, you have the same thoughts I do.  You wonder why you aren’t the PERFECT MOM.  

I see you momma.  And let me tell you, if you have ever wished, in that overflowing brain of yours, that you were a BETTER MOM…guess what?  Not only are you a better mom than you think you are…YOU ARE A PERFECT MOM. You just are. You are perfect because you want to be perfect.  And that’s more than enough. You are PERFECT for those tiny little humans that GET to be YOUR kiddos. You are PERFECT because they love you so dang much.  You are PERFECT because God made you PERFECT and did not give you this job on accident. And yes, we are big humans that mess up and have to say “sorry” sometimes…but let me tell you…in those little kid eyes, you are so perfect.

***Can you please picture your kids standing at your front door with a sign that says, “to me you are perfect” like in Love Actually?… I feel like that’s appropriate here.***

So mommas, raise a (wine) glass of solidarity with me while you are huddled up in the corner of your bathroom with your door locked and tears in your eyes and cheers to ALL OF THE PERFECT MOMS.  *ahem…that’s you and me, momma* Cheers!

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